• Thomas Pollinger
  • 04.04.2017
  • EN

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The internet offers us many benefits, including access to information, entertainment, and products or services, all on-demand.

If I want to watch my favorite episode of The Office (which by the way, is the incredible “Branch Closing” episode in Season 3), I log into Netflix. If I decide to get away for the weekend, I can buy a flight and hotel in 10 minutes or less.  Life is good!

I recently took a trip to Miami Beach for an extended weekend getaway. While planning my trip, I loaded up one of my favorite travel sites. When I searched for “”Miami Beach, FL”” I was inundated with messaging aimed to persuade me to purchase a hotel room.

“Save 63%! Hurry, ends soon [23:29:32]” read the countdown clock

“214 people are currently looking at hotels in Miami Beach”

“15 other people looked at this hotel in the last hour”

Because I am in the marketing optimization industry, I understand and appreciate what the company was doing –- using scarcity and urgency to persuade me to purchase. Scarcity and urgency aren’’t new, but the tactics are gaining popularity all across the web. I’’ve noticed similar messaging when shopping for clothes and airline tickets, too.

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