• Thomas Pollinger
  • 11.04.2017
  • EN

OpenText™ "You Have a Voice of Customer Program, Now What?"

Most contact centers have a Voice of Customer (VoC) initiative in place that pulls together customer data from sources that can include web and voice surveys, quick polls and social media. In the age of the customer VoC programs are clearly a mission critical component of contact center operations.

Yet having a VoC program in place and actually deriving value from the effort is not always an easy task. A survey by the Temkin Group revealed:

  • 75% of companies are only collecting or analyzing data without deriving much actionable insights
  • 46% are only collecting data without analyzing or doing anything relevant with it
  • 23% collaborate around this data with other groups
  • Only 2% transform their business using collected data and insights derived from it

 These numbers are alarming considering the advancement of technology in contact centers in the last ten years and the importance of understanding and retaining customers. One might wonder why we don’’t see a greater use of all the rich customer data that is being retained.

The answer is simple: There is not an easy way to collect, correlate and report on data that comes from different channels and resides on different platforms.

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