• Thomas Pollinger
  • 06.12.2016
  • EN

OpenText™ "What the UK General Election Teaches us About Digital Customer Experience"

Yesterday I voted in my first UK General Election since I became a British citizen. It was a dramatic election, with many senior political figures losing their seats in Parliament and/or resigning from leadership of their parties. For someone whose professional focus is on Digital Customer Experience, the act of voting was an interesting event.

I walked to my polling station, the local war memorial hall, and there were two lovely old ladies behind a folding table. One of them scrutinized my polling card, asked me my address (which was printed on the polling card), and then they called out a few numbers back and forth to each other, while filling in some paperwork, before handing me my ballot papers.

I took them to a very temporary-looking piece of furniture, which looked like it might have dated back to Margaret Thatcher’s day, and, partially screened, made a “X” in the appropriate boxes using a stubby pencil attached to a bit of string. I then folded the ballot and slipped it into a big tamper-resistant plastic tub.

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