• Thomas Pollinger
  • 17.07.2017
  • DE/EN

OpenText™ Web Site Management (RedDot CMS) Server Updates

Hallo liebe Leser,

es gibt ein neue Updates in der OpenText™ Knowledge Base. Hier die Release Notes zu der neuen Version... ;)

Der Download erfolgt direkt über das OpenText™ Knowledge Center und für den Management (RedDot CMS) Server gibt es folgende Updates:

OpenText™ Web Site Management Server Release 16.0

Fixed Issues in 16.0 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 8 (Build

Issue Name Issue Description  
WSGMS-20307 Delivery Server Publication Folder: Option "Add prefix to file name" is no longer extending the published file name
WSGMS-20359 REST API allows a user guid (not a login guid) to be authenticated, therefore can access the system (ITSM 3066564)
WSGMS-20363 Asset Manager subfolder name included in page published to Delivery Server target with option “Content and group names are only unique within the respective parent group” not selected causing image not to be found (ITSM 3067143)




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