• Thomas Pollinger
  • 18.10.2016
  • EN

OpenText™ "Resist the Dark Side - Govern Cloud Content, You Must"

Everyone knows that cloud and mobile platforms are game changers, offering a long list of benefits. At the top of the list is improved sharing and collaboration. Knowledge workers have always looked for better, faster ways to share and collaborate. It should come as no surprise that they have readily adopted Microsoft® SharePoint®, Microsoft® SharePoint® Online, and other cloud-based repositories.

In recent years, users have been moving more and more of their work processes away from their on-premises Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and into these online applications. According to AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), as many as 30 percent of users already use “unofficial cloud file-sharing tools” in the workplace.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side—at least in terms of security and governance.

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