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OpenText™ "Neues aus dem Knowledge Center..."

Hallo liebe Leser,
es gibt wieder „Neues“ in der OpenText™ Knowledge Base :). Dies ist eine Zusammenfassung der Artikel, nach dem Update bei OpenText auf MySupport, für das Q4/2016:

Article number: KB3478830 *NEW*
Management Server - Disconnecting a page from a link created in CKEditor causes ERROR#5 to be displayed in SmartEdit and PagePreview

Article number: KB868748 *UPDATED*
Delivery Server - Management Server - Optimizing Performance for OpenText Web Site Management 11

Article number: KB871642 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Web Site Management WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility

Article number: KB3471324 *NEW*
Management Server - "Live-Server Cleaner" does not remove a "Master" page containing an expired "Linking/Appearance schedule"

Article number: KB3467163 *NEW*
Management Server - A duplicate template with a GUID displayed as the name can be seen in SmartTree (Content Classes section) below the "Templates" node

Article number: KB3471301 *NEW*
Management Server - The "Global Authorizations" section does not display in the dialog window when editing a Global Authorization Package

Article number: KB869762 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Character Conversion does not work if complience is set to XHTML and the convert to value starts with "&"

Article number: KB869298 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Best Practices - Enhanced filename support with Management Server 11.2 SP2 HF11 and Content Server Integration, Media Management Integration, or Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Article number: KB3394001 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Login attempt hangs due to stopped ASP.NET State Service

Article number: KB3395472 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "Just a moment, please" message appears, editing becomes unresponsive, and a spinning disc appears when editing using Smart Edit

Article number: KB3395484 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Blank page and stuck on TransferAspxSessionID.asp

Article number: KB3347212 *NEW*
Management Server - How to add extra URLs seperate to the "Delivery Server Web Services URL" Delivery Server Connection

Article number: KB3383916 *UPDATED*/*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Management Server - Remote code execution attack may occur when ImageMagick is installed

Article number: KB3383928 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "Please upgrade your browser" Error message appears when editing text in Google Chrome

Article number: KB3383627 *NEW*/*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Management Server - Sending mails via the "sendmail" RQL fails for messages exceeding a certain size

Article number: KB3383097 *NEW*
Management Server - Timeout error is displayed when clicking the "Check Spelling" icon in CKEditor

Article number: KB3383615 *NEW*
Management Server - Replacing content class for all pages can lead to duplicate element

Article number: KB3383317 *NEW*
Management Server - Ability to display page lock status and user through RenderTags

Article number: KB3382833 *NEW*
Management Server - Ability to automatically generate publication folder structure according to navigation structure

Article number: KB3383148 *NEW*
Management Server - HTMLEncode within RenderTags fails to display correctly encoded values on source characters with umlauts

Article number: KB3383517 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Import as copy for one or more pages containing option lists fails without any error messages

Article number: KB3383305 *NEW*/*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Management Server - Which versions of Microsoft XML are supported?

Article number: KB3383819 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Headline saved to wrong page with Edit via Form when changing pages in Smart Tree

Article number: KB3383084 *NEW*/*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Management Server - How to install Device Preview when performing a Management Server upgrade

Article number: KB3382980 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Publication server pages are displaying the old content

Article number: KB3382969 *NEW*
Management Server - What is the upgrade path from Management Server 11.x.x to 16.0?

Article number: KB3383411 *UPDATED*
Management Server - HTTP 500 error may appear in SmartTree action menu when a particular unsupported or outdated plugin is assigned to a project

Article number: KB3382666 *NEW*/*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Management Server - What is the upgrade path from Management Server 10.1.2 to 16.0?

Article number: KB3382763 *NEW*
Management Server - How to remove duplicate subfolders in Asset Manager

Article number: KB3382752 *NEW*
Management Server - Drag and drop does not work if a file is greater than 1MB

Article number: KB3382290 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Preassigned Publication Packages in the content class are replaced by inherited Publication Packages from the parent project

Article number: KB3383710 *NEW*
Management Server - No warning dialog in Text Editor when clicking cancel with changes

Article number: KB3382593 *NEW*
Management Server - No warning dialog in Template Editor when clicking cancel with changes

Article number: KB3382958 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "Failed to create COM object [...] class not registered" error message appears when working with PHP code

Article number: KB3382279 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Style sheets assigned to text elements are ignored while in the text editor window when editing text elements in the editor

Article number: KB3382740 *NEW*
Management Server - Drag and Drop for files with a space in the file name does not work

Article number: KB998931 *NEW*
Management Server - Blank page and JavaScript errors after logging in

Article number: KB3382582 *NEW*/*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
Management Server - Special considerations when upgrading to WSM Management Server 16.0

Article number: KB3383137 *NEW*
Management Server - "Error [getUserGuid] This RQL is just allowed to be executed by Server Manager" error message appears in SmartEdit after upgrading to Version 16

Article number: KB3382655 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Non-xml attribute conform meta data of assets are causing a failed database update to database version 011.034

Article number: KB3382945 *NEW*
Management Server - Transfer to FTP/DS does not send Email and aborts after 3 minutes

Article number: KB3382934 *NEW*
Management Server - Deleting a page "Headline" from any page edit dialog causes the page anchor to no longer be displayed in SmartEdit

Article number: KB3382192 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Unable to choose Device Preview IIS site during install

Article number: KB3382820 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Unable to edit in one step both the link name and the URL when "editing a link element" related to an anchor in SmartEdit

Article number: KB3383071 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "File name generation for page (0) results in an error..." error message appears when publishing

Article number: KB3382181 *NEW*
Management Server - Best Practices - Database Encryption with Web Site Management 16 and Microsoft SQL Server

Article number: KB3382571 *NEW*
Management Server - Inconsistent ImageCache entries for different nodes of the same cluster when using local asset folders with synchronization

Article number: KB3383060 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Cannot reference element in clipboard inside a structural element of the content class

Article number: KB3383049 *UPDATED*
Management Server - An existing image cannot be replaced in Asset Manager

Article number: KB3383123 *UPDATED*
Management Server - When a new unlinked page is created in smart edit, current page is not switched to the new one

Article number: KB3382168 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Cannot publish pages to multiple project variants (when using a default project variant)

Article number: KB3382560 *UPDATED*
Management Server - URL does not validate in the instance of the content class after changing the regexp settings in rdserver.ini

Article number: KB3381774 *UPDATED*
Management Server - UTF-8 with BOM encoding applied to Rdserver.ini file causes incorrect language settings when creating a user in Server manager

Article number: KB3382468 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "Live-Server Cleaner" does not remove a "master" page containing an expired Linking/Appearance schedule

Article number: KB3383034 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Condensed list of antivirus software exceptions

Article number: KB3382389 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Content Distribution Services (CDS) plugin access error to "settings.xml"

Article number: KB3382149 *NEW*
Management Server - Error throws when setting/editing the appearance schedule on child pages if parent page is still in workflow waiting for release

Article number: KB3382079 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Unlinked page appears incorrectly when using "Reference Page in Clipboard"

Article number: KB3382910 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Timeout error messages reported for Delivery Server publications

Article number: KB3223466 *NEW*
Management Server - Request for the http://<Server_name>/CMS/WebService/RqlWebService.svc web service returns a 404 error

Article number: KB998702 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "Binary stream '138' does not contain a valid BinaryHeader" message appears repeatedly in the wsms.log file

Article number: KB866543 *UPDATED*
Management Server - SQL Error can occur in logs when switching between modules

Article number: KB870531 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'OTVersionList', database '{databaseName}', schema 'dbo'" appears in the log when attempting to unlock projects

Article number: KB863829 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Live Server Cleaner does not work if you have a slash or backslash in the Delivery Server Publication folder

Article number: KB865997 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Permission Denied Error in publishing logs when using the Workflow Publish Action and try to manually publish

Article number: KB870291 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Database error appears when editing a page (in form mode) containing broken images

Article number: KB869053 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Copy Project terminates without completing the operation on large project sizes

Article number: KB865651 *UPDATED*
WSM - Management Server - Project Import terminates without importing project

Article number: KB997783 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Project database update fails due to statistics being present.

Article number: KB871372 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Updating the schema of a project database post-upgrade results in an error message

Article number: KB870020 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Exporting/Copying project encounters timeout error on database connection

Article number: KB870551 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "ERROR#91" message appears in the logs when publishing

Article number: KB869875 *UPDATED*
Management Server - FTP publishing not working and getting "ConnectToSCP" errors

Article number: KB864371 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Page Forwarding action in Workflow does not work if set to forward to Recycle Bin after a set number of days

Article number: KB870590 *UPDATED*
Management Server - BadImageFormatException thrown when 32-bit Oracle Client is used in a 64-bit environment

Article number: KB869358 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Content Translation Module (CTM) Plug-in Installation with RedDot CMS

Article number: KB869104 *UPDATED*
Management Server - How to debug a database connection error after server restart

Article number: KB868617 *UPDATED*
Management Server - "System.NotSupportedException... Could not convert data type System.Int16 to field type" appears

Article number: KB865905 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Error "Procedure ReplaceHrefs of Class Module RDPublisher... Object variable or With block variable not set" upon publication

Article number: KB868758 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Publishing Job Stops Responding When the Database User Password Expires

Article number: KB869033 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Server is unable to load external assembly files when custom rendertag throws System.NotSupportedException

Article number: KB865149 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Error message appears when viewing a page in SmartEdit for a specific language variant

Article number: KB880122 *UPDATED*
Management Server - Server Maintenance Tasks

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