• Thomas Pollinger
  • 28.03.2017
  • EN

OpenText™ "Does Your Testing Program Have it All?"

We were excited to partner with WhichTestWon recently to present a webinar: “Game-Changing CRO in 4 Quarters: Practical Strategies to Tackle Real-World Testing”.

In part one of the webinar, we covered a mini case study: What would your testing program look like if you could have it all, and why can’’t you? We looked at a customer that ran 200 tests in one year, and had some fantastic results.

From a lift perspective, about a third of the tests had lifts below 10%, or even a few negative results. The middle third of the results boosted lifts between 10% and 50%, and the top third saw some spectacular lifts of 100%, 200%, even over 400%.

On the revenue side, their success was even more impressive. More than a third of the tests boosted revenue by $1M or more, and some were much higher than that. All told, testing drove over $200M in revenue gains.

However, most organizations aren’’t set up to test on this scale, according to recent research from WhichTestWon, companies are:

  1. Struggling to acquire the appropriate resources,
  2. Don’’t have enough time or knowledge, and
  3. Don’’t have management on board.

In most cases, they don’’t have a single person fully dedicated to testing and optimization.

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