• Thomas Pollinger
  • 20.12.2016
  • EN

OpenText™ "Data-Driven Experiences ARE the Future"

The Digital Experience market space today is being driven by Marketing and the CMO, however, the pendulum is likely to swing back toward the CIO and technology teams to help provide better insight into the success of digital transformation projects.

Age of the Customer

We have entered a digital world of consumer-centric business. Customers expect experiences that are personalized, contextual, mobile. In two words; Everywhere they need to be and Anytime they desire.

There is no time or place that a Customer, Partner, Knowledge Worker, Employee, does not need to have efficient access to the information and services that they need or want.

Role of Marketing and Data

The essence of Marketing is to differentiate the value of products and services in the mind of the customer (buyer). Since every Customer is a unique person, each Customer is a micro-market of one. This means that organizations must be able to differentiate their products at a 1:1 level with customers at all times and in every context. Marketers have always been data-driven, but Big Data tools are enabling marketers to segment and predict behavior at a finer level of detail. As a result, there is no aspect of a customer experience that cannot be differentiated to achieve better results. For this reason, Marketing’s role is responsible for carrying out the mission to differentiate an organization’s value and in turn, this means that they will be responsible for influencing and messaging into every customer touchpoint.

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