• Thomas Pollinger
  • 14.02.2017
  • EN

OpenText™ "2016 Resolutions for Contact Center Professionals"

Just before the holidays Roger Lee, my colleague and our resident Doctor of All Things WFO, posted his professional 2016 resolutions with Dr. WFO. They are definitely worth a read and got me to thinking about resolutions that contact center professionals might be making in 2016.

If I were managing some aspect of an enterprise contact center in today’’s customer-focused, multichannel, and resource challenged world, I might consider focusing my determined efforts on the following:

Resolution #1: Prepare for omnichannel to go beyond hype to imperative

Yes, big data was the buzzword in 2013, giving way to cloud in 2014. In the same way that these terms moved from hype to reality, omnichannel will do the same. You might think we’’re still in the phase where “everyone is talking about omnichannel, but nobody is doing anything about it,” yet the tipping point from hype to imperative is not far off.

To be sure, it isn’’t easy to predict just when this will happen, but you know it’s being taken seriously by business decision makers when a search for “omnichannel” on the highly influential Forrester Research site pops up 243 related reports published in 2015 alone.

Most likely, your competition is already implementing their omnichannel strategy. You need to be doing the same, if for no other reason than your customers’ increasing expectation is that you will provide a compelling and consistent experience across all the channels they want to use when interacting with you.

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