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  • Erstellt am 17.01.2017

OpenText™ "Explore: You are Here, but Where is Here?"

In my previous blog, I said that one of the two critical pieces to any journey was knowing your starting point. In this post I am going to look at how OpenText™ Explore can help you determine where the real starting point is.

You are here

Before the path to a destination can be charted, there needs to be a defined starting point. Likewise, before the solution to a problem can be found, there must first be a defined cause of the problem. Just as it wouldn’’t be a good idea to take off on a journey without knowing where you are starting from, you will get just as lost trying to solve a problem without knowing the real cause.

And this is where the journey truly begins, and where Explore becomes invaluable.

But where is here?

Often I deal with customers who are tasked with solving a problem only to discover that while they can identify the problem, they aren’’t really sure where the source of the problem actually lies.

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